Schiller medilog® DARWIN2 Physician Enterprise Software w/ One AR-12 PLUS Holter Recorder

Vendor: Schiller


Schiller’s medilog® Holter system provides a comprehensive analysis of the human being as a whole. Atrial fibrillation detection, sleep apnea screening and the determination of the quality of life are just some of the exceptional features of medilog®. Designed with feedback from hundreds of cardiologists and cardiac technicians worldwide, medilog® offers unparallelel accuracy and opens up new possibilities for Holter analysis. 

With medilog®DARWIN 2, you can now process a routine Holter ECG quicker and more accurately. In addition to the detection of all cardiopathological events, medilog®DARWIN2 provides a comprehensive analysis of the human being as a unit. Functional atrial diagnostics, apnea diagnostics and the determination of the quality of life are just some of the exceptionally useful features that medilog®DARWIN 2 uses to filter information from a Holter recording without any additional sensors.

Features and Benefits
  • Pure ECG Technology records ECGs in a clearer way than is achieved with comparable products.
    • Holter ECG recordings show fewer artefacts and require less time for post-processing - even for active patients.
  • Heart Rate Variability (HRV) analyzes beat-to-beat time intervals of the heart rate.
    • Throughout a 24-hour period the heart rate is continuously adjusted by the autonomic nervous system in response to internal and external triggers like physical activation, stress, relaxation, recovery and sleep.
  • Fire of Life software analyzes and displays HRV in a new way to help judge autonomic nervous system functions.
    • Indicates if therapeutic actions or lifestyle changes are successful in reducing stress and improving recovery.
  • Apnea Detection allows doctor to locate all apneas at a glance using the colored apnea overview screen. No ECG beat or arrhythmia editing is necessary.
  • ST-/QT-/pacemaker analysis
  • QRS detection
  • P-wave detection and atrial analysis
  • Motion detection
  • 3-channel ECG
  • Max. 80 hours recording time
  • Water resistant
Materials Included
  • AR-12 Plus Unit
    • Patient Cable
    • AC Adapter
    • Carry Case
    • SD Memory Card
  • DARWIN2 Physician Enterprise Software
  • USB Dongle Version
  • User Manual
Technical Specifications
  • Dimensions: 2" x 3" x 1" (Without Cable)
  • Weight: 4 lbs
  • Protection Against Ingress of Water: IPX4 (In Protective Pouch)
  • Real-time analysis (temporal resolution)
    • R Peak: 250 μs
    • P and T: 2000 μs
    • Pacemaker: 250 μs
  • ECG
    • Dynamic Bandwidth: 12 - 14 mV, typically 13 mV
    • Analogue Bandwidth: 1.6 kHz
    • Lower Filter Frequency: 0.045 Hz
    • Patient Cable: 7 Lead
    • Channels: 3
    • Sampling Rate: 4000 - 8000 Hz
    • Recording Rate AR12 Plus: 125, 250 or 1000 Hz (with 3-lead patient cable: 250 Hz)
    • Resolution: 12 bit
  • Acceleration Sensor
    • Channels: 3
    • Sensitivity: 200, 300 or 800 mV/g
  • Power Supply:
    • Vin (Supply Voltage) 1 x 1.5v
    • Battery: AAA Battery
    • Internally Occurring Voltage: 3 - 12V, typically 3V
    • Operating Duration:
      • Approx. 80 Hours at Recording Rate of 125 Hz
      • Approx. 50 Hours at Recording Rate of 250 Hz
      • Approx. 48 Hours at Recording Rate of 1000 Hz
  • Ambient Conditions (Storage and Operation)
    • Temperature: 10 - 45°C
    • Humidity, Non Condensing: 10 - 90 %RH
    • Atmospheric Pressure: 700 - 1060 hPa
Reimbursement Information
  • Typical Cardio Holter Reimbursement: $92.59. CPT 93224, ICD9s: 780.2 Syncope, 780.4 Dizziness, 785.0 Tachycardia Unspecified, 785.1 Palpitations, 786.50 Chest Pain, 786.51 Precordial Pain, 786.52 Painful respiration, 786.59 Chest discomfort, and others.
Warranty Information
  • 1-Year Warranty