Quantum 2000™ Electrosurgical System Leep
Quantum 2000™ Electrosurgical System Leep

Vendor: Wallach


Wallach’s exclusive, state-of-the-art microprocessor controlled system offers the latest in technology for electrosurgical generators. The system constantly and accurately monitors power levels for smoother, drag free cuts. As a result. high resistance tissue can be excised without bending the electrode. With minimum thermal damage, a superior histological specimen for pathology can be obtained. Post excision, the coagulation mode supplies powerful spray fulguration that can seal bleeders without tissue contact.
Throughout the procedure, the Quantum 2000 can be controlled by a footswitch or hand-controlled with the handswitch pencil. Undesirable conditions result in automatic interruptions by the digital controller. LED's on the front panel accurately pinpoint errors, and a clearly audible alarm will sound.
Features and Benefits
  • Solid state, isolated circuitry generator.
  • Unit can be controlled in the sitting position through a footswitch or handswitch.
  • Return electrode monitoring system uses split grounding pad for extra safety.
  • Usable with Biovac Smoke Evacuator, which efficiently removes airborne vapor containing potentially harmful microbes and viruses.
Materials Included
  • Electrosurgical generator
  • Biovac Smoke Evacuator
  • Intergration Unit
  • Handswitch
  • Footswitch
  • Line Cord
Technical Specifications
  • Generator Type: Solid State
  • Output Configuration: Isolated
  • Protective Circuits: Dispersive Cable, Continuity Monitor & Alarm, Return Electrode Monitoring Type System
  • Mode of Activation: Handswitch or Footswitch
  • Power Indications: Wattage Digital LED Display, "RF On" Indicator LED
  • Activation Indicators: Visual and Audible
  • Input Voltage: 105-135VAC
  • Current: 3.15 Amps
  • Frequency: 500 KHZ, Monopolar Only