Dynarex Finger Pulse Oximeter (10/Case)
Dynarex Finger Pulse Oximeter (10/Case)

Vendor: Dynarex


The Dynarex Finger Pulse Oximeter (10/Case) (#7088) is latex-free, has one-button operation, and fits a finger thickness of 0.37" - 0.86" (9.5 mm - 21.9 mm)

Note: Requires two AAA batteries (Not Included).

Warranty: 1 Year - Warranty Card must be completed.

This pulse oximeter calculates how much oxygen is carried in the blood and monitors saturation of a patient’s hemoglobin. It includes heart rate monitoring and respiratory function. It's also a convenient non-invasive measurement method to detect hypoxia, whether with spot checks or continuous readings. This type of pulse oximeter can also be used during surgery.