Integra AV-S Anesthesia System

Type: Surgical
Vendor: Anesthesia


The Integra AV-S Anesthesia System is perfect for larger surgery suites that may be using more than one type of anesthetic agent or benefit from ultra low-flow anesthesia output. The Integra AV-S provides a high level of features in an easy to use package designed to meet the most demanding of anesthesia requirements. This unit also holds two vaporizers and due to its wider stance, has a larger work area. The AV-S offers a completely integrated Ventilator and Absorber package that is second to none.

Features and Benefits

  • Advanced easy to use features for maximum patient safety.
  • Specifically designed for low flow.
  • Comprehensive specification
  • Touch-screen ventilator with Volume and Pressure ventilation, plus SMMV, SIMV, PSV and PEEP.
  • Only two preventive maintenance checks are required each year, as opposed to the standard four per year of other models.
  • Large color touchscreen anesthesia ventilator with Com-wheel.
  • Two station selectatec vaporizer back bar.
  • Flowmeter and work surface lighting.
  • GCX channel mounting.
  • 50-75 ml/min minimum oxygen flow.
  • 27-33% minimum Oxygen / Nitrous Oxide flow.
  • Dual oxygen, nitrous oxide, and air flowmeters.
  • Twin Oxygen, single nitrous oxide and single air cylinder yokes as standard.

Technical Specifications

  • Weight: 100kg / 220 lbs including vaps
  • Top Shelf: 71 x 50 cm / 28 x 19.5 in
  • Work Surface: 58 x 36 cm / 23 x 14 in
  • Drawers: 20 x 41 x 51 cm / 7.7 x 16 x 20 in (max: 3)
  • Writing Tablet: Optional
  • Power required VAC: 110/220
  • Auxillary Electric Outlets: (4)13 Amp
  • Flow Meter Type: Dual Flow Tubes
  • Standard Gases: O2, N2O, Air
  • Standard Cylinders: 1X02
  • Anti-Hypoxic Device: Direct Drive