Mid Central Medical Digital Infrared Thermometer

Type: Urology
Vendor: Adtemp


The Mid Central Medical Digital Infrared Thermometer (#MCM71025) is an easy-to-use, lightweight thermometer that requires no contact when measuring temperatures. It's non-contact design eliminates the risk of transmitting germs, bacteria, or viruses from one patient to the next. This makes it easy to measure for temperature upon entry to surgery centers, doctors offices, infusion clinics, hospitals, and other medical facilities. The smooth design is easy to wipe down with an antibacterial wipe for added peace of mind.

To use the Mid Central Medical Digital Infrared Thermometer just wipe hair and excess sweat from the patients forehead, point the thermometer towards the forehead from about 3-5 cm away, and squeeze and hold the trigger until it beeps. The reading will then appear on the screen and the backlight color will indicate whether the temperature is within the normal, elevated or high range and an alarm will sound for any temperature higher than 100.4° F.

Mid Central Medical Digital Infrared Thermometer Features

  • 3-in-1 design allows you to test:
    • Body temperature.
    • Surface temperature.
    • Ambient temperature.
  • Measures in both fahrenheit and celsius.
  • High temperature alarm signals when a temperature is measured at more than 100.4° F.
  • Three distinct color backlights:
    • Green for normal.
    • Amber for elevated.
    • Red for high.
  • Measures 3-5 cm from forehead.
  • CE and FDA approved.
  • Approved for use in a clinical setting.