iM3 Vital Sign Monitor (NIBP, SPO2, Covidien Quick Oral Temp, Touch Screen, and Wi-Fi)

Vendor: Edan


The iM3 Vital Signs Monitor is the start of a new generation of vital signs monitors. The iM3 incorporates advanced vital sign monitoring technology with SpO2, NIBP, and PR standard parameters as well as numerous optional parameters including Nellcor SpO2 and SunTech NIBP.

In order to make daily use more efficient, the iM3 combines an ultra-slim design with a 8-inch, high-resolution, large capacitive touch screen. The iM3 is equipped with a built-in barcode scanner, built-in Wi-Fi capabilities, USB storage and review, and cable-receiving data capabilities. The iM3 also includes a Li-ion battery battery for long lasting use.

The iM3 performs in spot and round modes, that acquire and display real-time vitals with up to 16 million measurements, as well as monitoring mode which includes an accurate alarm system, 120 hours of trend review, and 1200 NIBP measurements.

Features and Benefits
  • 8 inch Color TFT Screen, full touch screen
  • Support hardkey and knob operation
  • Strip-light design on top for 360° visual alarms
  • Unique cable-receiving design
  • Monitoring / Spot / Round work modes
  • MEWS/EWS/NEWS score system
  • Built-in non-volatile memory and external USB storage
  • Wired or wireless connection with optional built-in Wi-Fi
  • Optional functions: Nellcor SpO2, SunTech NIBP, EDAN Quick TEMP, Covidien Quick TEMP, Infrared Ear Temp, Thermal recorder, Built-in barcode scanner, Built-in Wi-Fi, Built-in e-Link

Materials Included
  • iM3 Vital Signs Monitor
  • (1) Power Cord
  • (1) NIBP Adult Reusable Cuff (Edan or SunTech)
  • (1) NIBP Tube
  • (1) SpO2 Finger Sensor (Edan or Nellcor)
  • (1) SpO2 Extension Cable (Edan or Nellcor)
  • (1) Thermometer (Optional: Available with Infrared Ear Temperature, Edan Quick Oral Temperature or Covidien Quick Oral Temperature)
  • (1) Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery
  • User Manual
Warranty Information
  • 2-Year Warranty