Edan Acclarix AX8 VET Diagnostic Ultrasound System
Edan Acclarix AX8 VET Diagnostic Ultrasound System

Type: Urology
Vendor: Edan


The Acclarix AX8 VET has been designed from the ground up with a relentless focus on delivering unexpected levels of innovation and performance at a price point that is equally surprising. Within itssleek footprint, the AX8 VET contains a fully featured, diagnostic ultrasound platform with advanced imaging modes, gesture control dual touch screens and a full suite of transducer all tailored to meet the specific needs of veterinarians.

Features and Benefits

Distinctive Design with Intrinsic Quality

  • 15" HD LCD monitor reinforced with specially engineered glass
  • Tilt-and-swivel monitor with 60°left/right swivel
  • 10” touch-screen with gesture-control user interface
  • Additional 5” touch screen houses a virtual trackball
  • Fully sealed control panel, with frequently used hard keys, aids in maintaining infection control
  • Touch-sensor for rapid battery level check in two locations
  • Removable lithium ion battery

Innovative Imaging Technologies

  • Tissue Adaptive imaging
  • Harmonic imaging
  • Speckle reduction imaging
  • Spatial compound imaging
  • Panoramic Imaging
  • Needle visualization

Intelligent Workflow

  • Virtual TGC adjustment
  • User-defined preset menu
  • Gesture control user interface
  • Detail/General/Penetration & High Flow/Medium Flow/Low Flow quick-sets
  • Connectivity: DICOM, USB ports, Ethernet, video out, headphone and microphone jacks, PDF, AVI and BMP file export
  • Standard 500 GB hard disk