VectraCor/QRS Diagnostics Meditech ABPM-05 ABPM Monitor
VectraCor/QRS Diagnostics Meditech ABPM-05 ABPM Monitor

Vendor: Meditech


  • The ABPM ambulatory blood pressure monitor has a compact and efficient design providing a cost-effective solution for monitoring your patients’ blood pressures outside the clinical environment. The ABPM monitor interfaces with Easy ABPM software for quick programming, data retrieval and report generation

    Features and Benefits

    • Affordable: Exceptional value conserves limited budget resources.
    • Large Display: For easy viewing.
    • Quick Setup: Oscillometric technology makes patient set-up easy, saving your staff time.
    • Ready to Use: Use the system right away with included cuffs and software.
    • Data Security: BP data saved on flash memory means no lost data and no repeated studies.
    • Low Power Consumption: Requires only two AA batteries, making it much less expensive to operate than most alternatives.
    • Patient Comfort: Adjustable maximum and dynamic inflate pressures enhance patient comfort and compliance.
    • Included Easy-ABPM Software:
      • Use for 24-48 hour long monitoring session
      • Printable PDF report for easy viewing
      • Generates customized clinical reports with clearly displayed ABP data in numerous graphical and/or tabular formats.
      • Reports diagnostic information includes all collected BP readings,heart rate, mean arterial pressure, pulse pressure, BP load and averages calculated for day, night and overall study.

    Materials Included

    • Meditech ABPM-05 ABPM Monitor
    • Monitor pouch, waist belt and shoulder strap
    • ABP adult normal cuff (24–32 cm range)
    • Easy ABPM Software CD
    • User Manual
    Technical Specifications
    • Technique: Oscillometry with step deflation
    • Validations: BHS and AAMI
    • BP Range: 30 - 260 mmHg
    • Pulse Rate: 40 - 200 bpm
    • Data Memory: Flash memory stores up to 600 readings
    • Weight: 240 grams, including batteries
    • PC Requirements: USB Port, Windows® 7 or later
    Warranty Information
    • 3-Year Warranty